Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"I love Him more than Candy!"

This evening as I drove Dylan and Evan to Karate, Evan started talking about Easter. He said, "Ya know Mom, I love Jesus!" Of course those words immediately caused my heart to flood with gratitude. Then he said, "I love Him more than candy even!" Haha

It was a sweet, innocent conversation about what Easter really means, and how much Jesus loves us but it turned into my sweet boy proclaiming how much he loves Jesus!! I think this is one of the reasons why the Bible says that Jesus loved the little children. They openly, easily accept His love for them and they boldly love Him back! 

Today I am grateful that my boys are truly learning at a young age how much Jesus loves them! I am thankful that they love Him too! I am also grateful for the reminder that Jesus needs to be what we are focused on, who we love more anything else, and who we run to each day. We need to "love Him more than candy even!"


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