Monday, August 14, 2017

A Heart For People

This evening Dylan and I went to a "packing party" at church to help prepare for the Big Give event on Saturday. It's a way for our church to bless the community with free food, hair cuts, health screenings, and school supplies. Our job tonight was supposed to be packing book bags full of school supplies. It was decided that some folks should go out into the surrounding neighborhoods to invite families to our event. Dylan and I had been planning on packing book bags and it never even occurred to me to ask him if he wanted to out into the community instead. As we waited for a few people to volunteer to do this, Dylan tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Let's do it!" 
So, we did.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think going door to door is something most people enjoy doing. Its scary for most people! I was so proud of my boy for volunteering to go out into the community. He told me that he wanted to make sure people knew about our event so they could come and get what they need for the school year. 

Dylan didn't just stand back while everyone else
talked. He wanted to knock on the door
and welcome them to our event himself!

 Kids were coming from every
direction to get pizzas! Dylan was
so happy to give them a box!
My big boy!!!

Today I am thankful for the young man Dylan is becoming! He surprised me this evening! I never imagined he would choose to step out of his comfort zone and go door to door to be a blessing to others. God is surely at work in his heart. He's creating and molding a heart for people within my boy! I am also grateful to be a part of a church family that is always serving the community. My family always has opportunities to serve and use the gifts God has given us!

Friday, August 11, 2017

When He Talks To Me...

This evening, while eating dinner, Evan looked up at me and said, "Momma, when God talks to me, I can't hear him out loud." I was surprised by his comment because it sort of came out of nowhere but I absolutely love hearing my boys talk about their relationship with God! So, I started a conversation with him. I told him that God often speaks to our hearts and in our minds, not necessarily so that we hear it with our ears.  Then Evan said, "When He talks to me, I'm usually outside and its usually in my brain or my heart." I asked him what God says to him and he responded in a deep, booming voice, "Listen to your Mom and Dad" and "I love you!" 

What joy that gives my heart! My 5 year old is hearing his Heavenly Father speak and God is already reassuring him that he is loved. 

Today I am thankful that the Father speaks! Not only to prophets and priests or seasoned Christians, but also to the youngest of people....children! I am grateful that Evan hears God and isn't afraid to talk about it! I pray often that my boys will know how much God loves and adores them. It blesses my soul to know that God, Himself, is speaking that truth over Evan's life!

Sunday, August 6, 2017


I didn't grow up with sisters so I've never really known what a sisterly bond is like but over the past 2.5 years, God has given me many beautiful KEEP friends who are so much more than friends! Most of us only see each other one or two times per year but it doesn't matter one bit! We are all working toward a common goal. We aren't competing but instead, pushing one another toward our dreams.  We encourage each other, cheer one another on, challenge each other, and pray for one another. I even got to see 4 of these lovely ladies today at our KEEP Rally!!! Its always so sweet seeing their faces!!

Because of KEEP I've traveled to Dallas, Napa Valley, Charlotte, and Vegas to spend time with these amazing ladies! I've learned so much and had sooooo much fun! In the next year I'll be going to Cabo and Nashville! Not only do I look forward to traveling to new places, I also can't wait to see my friends again! The laughter, the tears, the connection...its is something that really can't be explained.

Today I am grateful for my KEEP sisters. I know I always say this but its true...I didn't even realize that I needed this in my life but God did! He blessed me abundantly by placing KEEP Collective in my life and one of the best parts is my KEEP sisters! These friendships are priceless! 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Latte for Life!

I had such an amazing evening at the Latte for Life! My best friend, Valerie, and I have been working hard on this fundraiser for the New Life Family Outreach for several months. It was so much fun to see it all come together and watch everyone enjoying themselves. Each table host decorated her own table and brought a yummy dessert. We had cold and warm lattes provided by the Wallburg Emporium and a beautiful painting craft organized by Create and Decorate. We also had a time of worship led by my sweet friend, Meghan. Everything went smoothly and we all had a wonderful time. Not to mention, we raised money to support High Point's Pregnancy Care Center!

My table....beach themed

My Mom with baby Allison

She was a little angel! 

My table of lovely ladies

Our Neighborhood Bible Study gals

Valerie and Isabel
Allison and Me
Not sure how we did it all with these babies in tow...

This isn't the best picture but Meghan 
did such a fabulous job 
leading worship!

So. Much. Fun.

Today I am grateful for that the Latte for Life was so successful. I really had such a nice time with so many lovely ladies. I am grateful for the opportunity to be used by God to bless the New Life Family Outreach. This ministry is so important to our community and I am honored to be on the Board. The evening went so well! God definitely blessed our time together!