Monday, April 24, 2017

The Cincinnati Zoo!!

The Cincinnati Zoo is the second oldest zoo in the USA and has been voted #1 family activity in Cincinnati repeatedly. So, we knew we had to check it out while we're here. We had a wonderful seeing all the animals, feeding the giraffes, riding the train and carousel, watching the 4D movie, and spending time together! The weather was perfect and the kids really enjoyed themselves, especially Tyson. This was his first trip to the zoo while be old enough to really understand everything, so he was absolutely amazed!

Evan feeding the giraffe.

Tyson feeding the giraffe. He didn't want to stop!

Dylan feeding the giraffe

All of us riding the train.

Daddy and Tyson on the carousel.

Evan on the carousel.

Dylan on the carousel. I had
to sit on a bench on the carousel.
Whose hump is bigger? Mine or the camels?

The boys had to push me up the hills!

Today I am grateful for a fun, beautiful day at the Cincinnati Zoo. We had a wonderful time seeing all the animals, there were several different animals that we had never seen before. I am also thankful for God's creativity. I never get tired of seeing all the amazing creatures He has created. Some are beautiful, like the flamingo. Some are horribly ugly, like the warty pig, and some are just funny, like the orangutan. They are all incredible in their own ways!

Oh and I can't forget to say how grateful I am for all the "poop" facts I learned every time I went to the bathroom. (On every stall there are facts about animals and poop!) For example, did you know that birds often "lighten their load" before taking off in flight? Or that rabbits release up to 500 pellets per day? Now you're smarter, huh?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!!

 Today we took the boys to see their first Major League Baseball game. The Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago Cubs were playing.  Dylan was super excited!! The younger boys have a hard time paying attention that long but they enjoyed it too. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon for a game, just a little windy. 

The view from our seats.
Tyson was passed out in this photo! Baseball is exhausting!

Dylan got his first autograph by the Red's best pitcher!

I was thankful for a playground for the little kids to play on!

Tyson is climbing up! He's getting too big!

This is the best "selfie" we could get. Tyson is on my lap
but wouldn't look at the camera!

Silly boys! They had a great time!

Today I am grateful for a fun day at the ballpark. It is so much fun to watch our boys experience things for the first time! I am also thankful for good weather. The forecast said that it would rain all day today so we were thinking it might be pretty miserable sitting outside for hours but, no rain at all! It was really a great day for a ballgame! 

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Biggest Life Boat Ever Made

My family is currently on our family vacation. We are staying in Cincinnati but visiting places in Kentucky, Ohio, and maybe even Indiana. Our first stop today with the Ark Encounter. This is the reason we decided to come on this trip specifically, just to see the Ark! And I must say, it didn't disappoint!

The boys were shocked by the size of the Ark!

Can you see the boys and me standing at the bottom of the ship?
That helps to show to the size of this "lifeboat!"

Bryan and the boys at the door of the Ark.
Do you see the cross? Jesus is our ONE DOOR
to Salvation!

When we first walked under the ark to enter it, I was in awe. It literally brought tears to my eyes. To see the great size of the Ark and realize all the work and dedication it must have taken for Noah and his family to build something identical to it, so long ago. The faith this man embodied was remarkable to say the least.  It took them 50-75 years to build this massive boat. The people that saw their work laughed and scoffed at them. They were considered ridiculous for believing that God would speak to Noah or that a flood would occur, especially since it had never rained. Noah's faith endured all of this. 

In one of the exhibits in the Ark, someone said, "Noah could have just thrown in the towel and called it good enough, but he didn't." Noah believed what God said, obeyed what He told Him to do even though it was hard, it was lonely, and it took a looooong time. Noah's obedience and faith in God lead to him and his family being the only 8 people that survived the flood. He built the biggest Life Boat ever made with instructions given to him by God!

Seeing this replica of Noah's Ark increased my faith and causes me to want to have faith like Noah! I am grateful that my family was able to experience the Ark Encounter today! Seeing what it was really like and learning all the science that backs it up plus, being reminded of the scriptures where this story was first told, was very educational and faith-building for all us. I am also grateful for a special start to our family vacation! I can't think of a better way to begin a week of fun with my family!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

 Today we celebrated our Risen Savior!!! It was a very busy but wonderful day! We started bright and early with breakfast and Easter Baskets. The kiddos love finding eggs hidden all around the house. Evan was so excited that he found the "tomb egg" as he called it. There is always one egg that is empty because the tomb was empty and Jesus is Alive! We spent the rest of the morning at church. Bryan and I taught the Kindergarten class, which is always a blast! We had a big group today and had a lot of fun learning more about Jesus! Then we enjoyed an amazing worship service. We spent the afternoon at my brother's house, eating and hunting for candy filled eggs. The kids had so much fun together! We ended the day with dinner with Bryan's family. We're all exhausted (especially this VERY pregnant Momma) but we really did have a wonderful day celebrating! 

Checking out Tyson's new book together.

Our Kindergarten "small" group.

Evan and Breaker finding eggs.

Tyson searching for Easter eggs.

Dylan found some too!

Miela LOVED the chocolate she found in her eggs.

At the end of the day we finally got a picture of the boys.

32 weeks pregnant with Baby Allison.
Next year she'll get to celebrate with us!
Today I am thankful for the reason we celebrated on this gorgeous day! Jesus is ALIVE! He has no rival! He has no equal! He has conquered sin and death! Hallelujah! I am also grateful for a wonderful day with family. I so enjoy watching the children play together. It can be wild and loud with all of these boys but it sure is fun. Enjoying this beautiful spring day with the people we love was the perfect way to celebrate the Empty Tomb!!